I have wanted to write this blog for a few weeks. With an on the go one year old and a growing construction company, it can be a challenge to find the down time I’d like to write more often. As I sit here on my Sunday morning while my daughter naps and my wife attending a baby shower for our dear friends, it seemed to be a fitting time to blog.

Over the last few months’ life have been awesome, educational, nerve wracking and full of change! Exactly the way I like it. We have been blessed to finish and move the owners into three of the largest most customized homes we have built over the last couple of years. These did not happen without challenges but we couldn’t be more proud of how these homes turned out. The lessons learned on these homes, like all homes, make us better at building and better at customer service for future clients.

Recently we’ve sold the last three homes that we have in Yamhill (Rowland Creek Estates), we are building a beautiful custom home in Happy Valley for a fun family, and we are working to finish homes in Oregon City. In SE Portland we are steadily working hard to wrap up the development process on our 20-unit project in Sellwood at Claybourne Commons and we are developing a 23-lot subdivision, Christilla Valley in Happy Valley. On top of those projects, we are finalizing contracts on a few really exciting homes and we continue to look at new projects every week. We are also building our home; my wife Bri, daughter McKenna and I have really been enjoying the process of decision-making together and working together. Bri has agreed to do a guest blog on what the process has been like building our family home, I will let her expand on the that later.

I’ve been working hard to put together a business plan, hire the right teammate and move forward with one of our biggest changes as a company. I’m excited to share Anlon Construction will be a full-service construction company as we are able to take on remodels in a higher capacity. It took us a few months but put together a strong business plan, hire a talented and amazing teammate Dave, (also known as the Super-Kiwi). His expertise not only helps us on remodels but gives us a fresh set of eyes to look at questions we may have on new homes as well. We will continue developing property and build amazing new homes but we want to be more full-service construction company.

This is truly an amazing time for me personally and professionally. My little McKenna is growing like crazy, she recently turned one and we like many new parents hosted a birthday party for her. Unlike most people I’m guessing, we held the party in our home that is under construction. It just seemed fitting and provided my wife a blank canvas to decorate and party-plan with. It is exciting to think about creating future memories that will be made in our new home. I hope things are going great for you and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. If you can think of anyone we may be able to help out please pass on my contact information.

Cheers and Happy 4th of July!
-Mike Harn