Green Building & Energy Efficient Homes

Green building for a sustainable future

Your home and its energy usage makes a huge difference to your carbon footprint. Energy efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable building design and construction benefits everyone. They help create a sustainable future by using less energy, and they save money for homeowners. Anlon Construction design and construction contributes to creating energy efficient homes in three ways:

Building energy efficient new custom homes

Our green custom homes offer healthy indoor air quality, low monthly energy costs, and most importantly, year-round comfort.

Remodeling homes with energy efficient methods

We practice what we preach by working with as little environmental impact as we can.

Rehabilitating older homes to be more energy efficient

No need to purchase a new home to be more green. We can help you add features that help you make a difference.

We are proud to follow Energy Trust of Oregon guidelines when building green homes. Energy Trust helps Oregon residential, business and nonprofit utility ratepayers use less energy, save on energy costs and move to renewable resources. EPS rated homes are built to save energy and include advanced framing and lighting, high-performance windows and insulation, energy-efficient appliances, heating and cooling equipment and more.

Contact us today discuss your energy efficiency and green building needs. We are here to help you move into the future of green living! We can make a difference, one green home at a time.