Our Team

Mike Harn

Mike Harn

President - Owner

Growing up in the Portland area as the son of an HVAC contractor who became a builder and retired as the senior mechanical inspector for the City of Portland, it’s no surprise that I chose building and development as my path. Some of my earliest memories are racing around crawl spaces and attics, helping my dad lay out the ductwork on jobs.

I got out of the Army at 21 years old and started working on construction sites doing odd jobs, clean up, framing, siding whatever I could do to learn. Just a few short months later I started managing the developing and building of my first subdivision on 139th just north of Burnside. I still drive by it from time to time. I was 22 years old and learned very quickly that the best way to manage people and processes was to create a team atmosphere. No one wanted to listen to a 22 year old tell them what to do or how to do it, but they did want the team to accomplish the goal. From that day on relationships and mutual respect mattered most to me.

After developing hundreds of lots, building hundreds of homes and completing countless remodeling jobs for other people I decided I wanted to do it on my own. I knew I would need an amazing team. The Anlon team has grown to include the best realtors, engineers, architects, office managers, controllers, project managers and sub contractors. After all this time the one thing that has not changed is my desire to create the absolute best team to accomplish the goal. Our goal is simple, do the best job we possibly can for each and every client every day, no matter how big or small the job is.

A few years ago, just after starting Anlon Construction, I met my amazing wife who helped me realize that business is about so much more than money; it is about the experience and the relationships we create along the way. I want a company that my wife, my kids and I can all be proud of. We learn something new every day and every day we try to improve. I am one of the lucky ones. I truly get to say that I love what I do.

 Scott Bowles

Scott Bowles


Scott grew up in a small logging town in Idaho where he spent a lot of time in the woods.
Growing up Scott and his mom would look in the Sunday paper for the house plan of the week. They would study the plan and talk about changes that would make the plans better. When he reached High School, he took drafting to learn more about the design process of a home. Scott then attended and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture.
After graduating he returned home and went into the family logging business. Then, went to work at the lumber mill where his grandfather had retired from. After several years, Scott knew what he didn’t want to do for the rest of his life so, he got a job in Vancouver, WA doing estimating and contractor sales for a lumber supplier.
After that, Scott spent the next couple of years exporting homes overseas. He was sending homes to Japan, China, Russia and even had a 50-lot subdivision in Korea. While overseeing the estimating, construction and shipment logistics for these jobs he went back to college on his lunch hour to learn Japanese. This helped him understand his client’s needs. 
Scott then had a chance to work for a local construction company. With hard work he moved into the Operations Manager position while the company grew from 50 homes to building over 1,000 homes a year. 
After 12 years working on subdivisions and production homes Scott decided to make a switch to custom homes. Working with the clients closely to build their dream homes had an appeal and sense of accomplishment that he enjoys. Scott has built 7 Street of Dreams homes and was recently named Builder of the Year. 
Scott’s friendship with Mike and their similarities made making the switch an easy decision and one that he has thoroughly enjoyed. Scott is excited about what the two of them can accomplish now that they are working together.
Michael Dickey

Michael Dickey

Project Manager

Michael Dickey grew up in San Jose California, while he was in high school he started working
with a neighborhood handyman doing odd jobs from landscaping to small remodels. He
realized quickly that he had a passion for construction. He has been in the construction industry
for 30 years working his way up the ladder from laborer, carpenter,foreman,superintendent to
project manager He has worked on production homes and multi million dollar custom homes
but mainly focused on the custom homes which is where he found his heart at, including a
10,000 sq ft French Manor. Most of the materials were shipped from France Using recycled
materials from old buildings. This project made the cover of Veranda Magazine in September of
2007 His attention to detail and hard work ethics have brought him to where he is today and
feels so fortunate to have a career and home with Anlon Construction.

He has been married to his wife Aaren for 20 years they grew up in the same neighborhood and
have been friends since jr. high. They have a daughter Shelby and two boys Jacob and Ryan
they are all teenagers and keep the house full of energy and happiness. When not working
Michael enjoys spending time with his family and coaching whatever sports his children are
playing. He and his family moved to Battle Ground Washington to raise their kids and fill their
dream of having a home in the mountains and a small hobby farm with goats and chickens.

Christie Smelser

Christie Smelser

Office Manager

I grew up in Oregon City where my passion during my teenage years was roller skating. It was at the skating rink that I met my future husband and was first introduced to the world of residential home building. My husband’s father and uncles were all home builders in the Oregon City area. When I was 20 years old, we moved to Homer, Alaska.  We soon realized that being that far away from our loved ones did not align with our family values and moved back to our home in Oregon. It was at that point we decided to start our own residential construction business. Soon after we also started our family, first welcoming our son and then our daughter. I became a stay-at-home mom and ran the office of our construction company. 

    When our children were in high school, I decided I wanted to pursue a college education. I went on to get my associate, bachelor, and finally a Master’s Degree in Education. I taught in the public school system for a number of years and then decided to take a break. During this break the opportunity to work at Anlon Construction was presented. After accepting the position, I soon realized I had joined a very special team of professionals. 

 In my free time I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy taking long road trips with my husband with our trailer in tow. I live in an old farmhouse and have a hobby farm where I am passionate about gardening, raising chickens, and preserving food. I have recently taken up painting, in particular painting barn quilts.

Brianna Harn

Brianna Harn

Social Media Moderator

Brianna Harn graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in Business and Event Planning.
After college, she pursued a career in the event industry, working with Portland’s finest Event planning companies, including West Coast Events and Soirée. She has also planned events for the Oregon Remodelers Association, and has been an integral part of several trade shows and events.
In 2010 Bri and Mike met at a CrossFit gym and connected quickly. They have two energetic and curious daughters, and they enjoy life in Oregon City. She is passionate about fitness, fun and good humans. She loves being a mother and is grateful for the opportunity to have time with her family.
Bri supports Mike’s passion for building luxury homes and his love of entrepreneurship. She recently joined the Anlon team to reach & connect with his audience via social media. Bri is the friendly voice behind Anlon’s Facebook and other social media channels.
When not busy with work or children, both Mike and Bri spend time giving back to their communities, saying “ We wholeheartedly love supporting our local community via volunteering and fundraising events. “
In that spirit, Bri founded the Harn Good Vibe Tribe: a Facebook group with almost 1000 members that focuses on doing good for others through random acts of kindness, “Good Vibes help the world go-round. When Mike was in Houston my best girlfriends started a group page for us to shine love and light our way to keep us feeling energetically connected. The group has expanded, and we share messages of inspiration, hope and sharing lessons and life experiences.”
Brittainy Tiffany

Brittainy Tiffany

Interior Design

Interior Designer Brittainy Tiffany is the driving force and visionary behind Tiffany Home Design, a multifaceted, award-winning design firm and home staging company based in Wilsonville.
Celebrating over a decade of success, Tiffany Home Design began as a Home Staging company, focused on investment and construction projects.  After earning a reputation for designing beautifully and intelligently crafted spaces that add value for its clients, Tiffany Home Design progressed into interior design, complemented by an upscale furnishings showroom.
Her extensive portfolio and zeal for her craft speak to her adaptability and client-centered mindset. “In today’s diverse market, we have found it best to go where the client takes us.  In just the past few years we have completed Japanese contemporary, industrial farmhouse, and Northwest contemporary designs.
The best part about working in the Northwest is the wide range of styles our clients bring to us.”
McKenna Harn

McKenna Harn

Quality Control

McKenna has literally grown up in this business and loves seeing daddy and his team build houses.  She is still a little confused that every house that is being built is not being built by Anlon and dad says that’s ok.

 Her favorite part of the business is the team.  She loves getting to know the people and learning all about them and thier dogs.  On the job sites, McKenna focuses on the details: from picking up nails and trash and questioning why people are making the choices that they are in their home.  

Her major skills are writing on the white board, taking gum from other employee’s desks and checking the overall quaility of homes, especially opening and closing all the cabinet doors.

McKenna currently spends her days as a Redland Wildcat and works for the company very part time but loves learning and is excited to someday be in charge.  

When asked what she would say to people thinking about building a home she said “Daddy and his team build the best houses and I can’t wait to meet the people you guys get to build for”.  

That seems like a solid sales pitch to us.