I have known Mike for nearly 10 years as a friend and a Subcontractor. There are few people that I have known who at such a young age have demonstrated that they are as anxious to learn every aspect of the building trades as he has shown. He isvery conscientious and focused on performing every aspect of his work in the mostprofessional and organized manner possible.

Mike has also reached out to several builders in the Portland area to become mentors forhim to learn from. He is not shy about asking for and receiving advice from others.I have also found Mike to have very high core values including high integrity and honesty in all of his personal and business interactions. He is a superb presenter and is determined to be as clear and concise as possible with those he works with as well as with his customers.

I would recommend Mike wholeheartedly to anyone as a Mentor, Builder or Remodeler and feel proud to call him a friend, partner and employer of our Central Vacuum and CarpetCleaning Company.

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