I keep saying that I am going to commit to write these blogs more often and I really mean it.  It is always a wonderful chance to look at what we have been doing and put out there what we are doing and wanting to do.

In the last few months we have finished Bri, McKenna and my home, as well as found out that we will have another little girl in early March.  Good thing we planned for it, at least in the construction plans.  Time to convert one of the “extra” bedrooms into a nursery.  The current chaos hopefully explains the delay in Brianna’s blog. Raising our energetic little lady, growing our next edition and unpacking take a lot of time. Man, my wife is awesome.

Back to what’s going on here at Anlon…

You may notice and if you haven’t please take a look – we have a new website  www.anlonconstruction.com  As with many of our choices over the last few years this came down to right time, right person.  Two days before finishing our home I got a call from Geoff Matero the owner of Arc M.  www.wearearcm.com The timing didn’t seem great with the personal stress of moving but the person did.  Geoff has taken a personal interest in our company and our future, which I really value in all of our teammates.  I couldn’t be happier or prouder of what he has put together.

On the construction side of things we have some great things happening.  Finally, after what seems like an eternity – we have reached the end of the development phase in Claybourne Commons.  I know this picture might not mean a lot to all of you but to us it means the world!

This signifies that we are finished with the development phase; we can now submit for building permits, convert the reservations of our potential buyers to binding contracts, convert our development loan to a construction loan and maybe most importantly start a project we have been so excited for.  We have taken the time to make some changes to the floor plans that we think everyone will love.  There is an added option for an additional bathroom that can be a wonderful upgrade for our buyers.  In addition to finishing our families home we have been hard at work finishing up some amazing custom homes for some incredible buyers, we have sold out of our subdivision Rowland Creek Estates.

We also have some beautiful homes under construction and a few more that we are getting ready to break ground on.

Our remodeling division is now in full swing with some great projects under our belt and have some great ones in production with pre holiday finish dates.  We have some great renovations and additions starting at the first of the year and some really interesting projects we are finalizing budgets on.  One of the fun things about the way we have the company set up is that we can do everything from small bathroom renovations all the way to full home additions.  There really isn’t much we aren’t capable of handling.
From a development standpoint things are really going great.  We are deep in the engineering phase on Christilla Valley our stunning 23 lot subdivision in Happy Valley.  We just finished and sold a beautiful 7 lot project, Bellrose in Tigard which will turn into a great project for our buyer.  Canyon Creek South is going to be a striking 14 lot project that we are developing in Willsonville.  One of the things we have been having fun with is doing small infill development.  In some cases we renovate an existing home adding one or more lots, each project is unique and different.  We have a few more projects that we are trying to put together while looking for more.

As we move toward the Thanksgiving holiday I would be remiss if I didn’t get to bring up one of the things I am most proud of this year. When we sold our project Bellrose we discussed the idea of donating a portion of the profit to charity.  Charity has always been a part of Bri and my life but going into a project with the goal of giving felt amazing.  We chose to donate to the Veterans Sportsmans Alliance (VSA Oregon) a group who helps wounded veterans taking them on hunting and fishing trips as well as offering peer support and the YMCA a group that does so much to help children it would be difficult to list all they do. It fills my heart with so much pride to be able to give back as a company.

Thank you for taking interest in Anlon Construction.  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of blessings.