I don’t know if I really get what this whole blogging thing is supposed to be about but it’s a great way to share some of the fun things we get to do.  In the last week we have had some amazing things happen.  We have had presale meetings with 3 potential clients each meeting went really well. As it turns out one of the couples will be going with a different builder.  They were very upfront with me about this possibility and I couldn’t be happier with the direction they are going.  Of course we always want to build “your” home, it’s what we do but more than that I want the relationship to be one that we all are ready for, committed to and rowing the same direction.  The other 2 families look as if they are going to allow me to build them their next home and I couldn’t be more excited!

Today I also go to sign the documents to close on a home we prebuilt in Yamhill.  I was so happy about how it went after walking them through their home that I stopped by a buyers home that we sold about 11 months ago just to make sure the buyers were still satisfied.  Fortunately they are.  Building your home is not without stress but we do all we can to walk you through the process and make it as transparent as possible.  The best part is at the end of it you get what “you” want, what “you” chose and to see my client’s face light up when they see what “they” helped create just reinforces why I love what I do.

As we continue to see things grow and change in this market the one thing I am really proud of is that because of the strong relationships we have forged with lenders, suppliers, sub contractors and realtors we are able to continue to deliver a home that exceeds expectations on time and on budget. When I get emails with statements like these, “I have to say that in the nearly 20 years this has been one of best transactions we have ever had….and by far and away the best build experience! Thanks again….you’re Awesome!!” it’s hard not to want to make every client feel that way.

If you know of anyone thinking about building a home and if you think they could benefit from this simple and transparent approach please have them give me a call.  I promise I will do all I can to take care of them 503 522 4357 Michael Harn