With the constant change of the world, we are all experiencing the need to adjust our expectations and perhaps even our traditions of the holiday season. Life just isn’t the “same” right now and everyone is doing the best they can. At Anlon our goal is to build quality homes for our clients, so they can create lifelong memories together. In efforts to highlight the best of what we all have, we thought it would be helpful to focus on exploring new traditions and creating a successful Thanksgiving holiday. 

groceries being left at front door with contactless delivery method

As we know the grocery stores are adjusting their policies for customers to stay in-line with the rules set in place by the governor, it is helpful to utilize those grocery stores that do shopping delivery to your home or your car. This helps avoid the crowds, saves you time and keeps you safe. Start making your holiday list now, what do you need? What can you get and store in your pantry or freezer now to avoid buying it right before the holiday? Don’t forget the extra foil, leftover containers and any special ingredients to make your traditional dish. 

photo of a turkey in a pan with green beans and potatoes

Start calculating what time you want your turkey done and rewind your schedule to fit accordingly. Create a couple of easy appetizers that can be prepped the day before and put together on a plate that day. Want tips on how long to cook your turkey? Try these tips from Southern Living. 

thanksgiving tablescape

Do as much as you can the day before. Set your table the day before, set out drinks the night before and pull our platters you’ll need. It saves you one last step. Prepping dishes and keeping them in the fridge or if it is cold enough and you have a cooler, it could be stored outside or in the garage as another refrigerator. Calculating the dishwasher to make sure it is clean and put away before dinner is always a helpful professional hosting tip!

photo of paper plates and bamboo cutlery

COVID-19 safe suggestions could include; asking people to bring their own drinks and food. Or if you are sharing food, having one designated person serving all the food to avoid each person touching the serving spoon.  Presetting disposable flatware and serving dishes to avoid dishes and extra touching of other people’s things is always an option too. Keeping the windows open if it is an option to help air-flow can be helpful.

photo of a jar filled with colored folded pieces of paper

Starting a new tradition may be on the top of many of our lists, as so much is changed. Starting a gratitude jar, where each person can add what they are thankful for, and keep it going until Christmas and read on Christmas or even through the year until next Thanksgiving. Making a keepsake table linen, writing a note of gratitude or something special to remember. Setting out a jigsaw puzzle for everyone to participate in or playing a game of charades after dinner. You could even set up charades via zoom with your distant relatives that can’t be together. 


Whatever you do, we hope you find a way to enjoy your time and create something magical and new in these challenging times. Don’t forget to take a selfie and tag us, we love to see your smiling faces.