I have known Mike Harn since 1994, as an individual Mike is someone you want to associate with, he is trustworthy, fair, and motivated. Mike grew up in the construction industry, where I first met him as a project Manager. Our business relationship has grown throughout the years as Mike has continued to evolve his business. He cut his teeth as a Project Manager for a large production builder in the early 90’s, went to work for a large custom builder as a Purchasing Manager and Construction Manager. Then started his own company, Anlon Construction.

Mike’s success in the construction industry can be attributed to his work ethic, business acumen, and ability to develop long term industry relationships. Mike’s business success is driven by his ability to understand his customers vision, concerns, and is able to communicate to them what the “end state” looks like. Mike is committed to being the best General Contractor in Oregon, he has shared with me that this is not based on volume, it is based on his customers satisfaction, and their referral of him to others.I am pleased to write this message in support of Mike Harn (Anlon Const.), if you are considering him as a developer, builder, or contractor, you will be in good hands.

Jason BehuninDirector of SalesNW ProBuild