We sure love reasons to celebrate life and make our home feel even more homey. We are excited for a little St. Patrick’s Day fun at home! 

We love starting our day with some lucky charms each year we buy a box and make a toast the day ahead for a year full of luck! We like to wear green and listen to some fun Celtic music through the day, we’d be lying if we didn’t say busting out the Lord of the Dance is a normal yearly ritual for us too.
a plate of fruit in colors of the rainbowThere are so many ways to make the day festive and fun. We have gathered a list of ideas to help you consider making a day full of fun also! If you have littles, it is fun to make a leprechaun trap or sprinkle gold glitter around the house and green food coloring in the toilets. Perhaps it’s you and your partner or a friend in the house and you might consider celebrating with a traditional Irish dish or discuss the history of St. Patrick’s Day or make a trivia with it over dinner. So many ways to make magic and memories at home.

Shepard’s pie is a wonderful tradition. Costco makes an excellent take and bake version if you are in a rush.

Festive St. Patrick’s Day ideas:

Of course, we love the idea of an Irish Coffee after dinner.


Creative foods with Rainbow Colors (vegetables and fruits are great creative art on plates)

We hope you have a joy-filled and fun day with the ones you love the most! And may all the luck be poured onto you all year long!