WOW!!!!  This year is flying by!!!!!

My last blog was December 2013 and it feels like it was only couple of weeks ago.  Now I am only 7 weeks and 5 days away from meeting my first child, an amazing little girl.  This is of course assuming she shows up according to my schedule.  I have been told by almost everyone I know that there is basically no chance of this happening.  Try to understand how difficult this is for someone to comprehend, when I can tell you with confidence the day we start your home what day you can move in.  Learning to not only roll with it but also embrace constant change has been the theme for the year so far.  This brings me to what’s going on here at Anlon.

Claybourne Commons, Sellwood, OR:

Claybourne Commons

Our largest project to date is going well.  We had a few delays at the beginning but we are moving forward at full speed now.  Building permits are submitted, marketing is getting ready to be released and we are starting to finalize our sub contractor and vendor team for this amazing project that truly is in the heart of it all.  Claybourne Commons will continue to be taking reservations, be sure to check it out if you are interested in living in the middle of Sellwood!

Homes being built:

Toman HeightsWe are very fortunate to have the opportunity to build in multiple locations throughout the Portland Metro area.  We have three homes currently under construction in Toman Heights, in Oregon City. We have two homes going on in Portland, one is in Southeast and the second is right by the University of Portland.  We have a beautiful pre-sold home going up in Hillsboro for a really fun couple (the husband is an electrician – there is always something fun and unique about building a home for someone who works in the same trades we do).  We also have permits turned in for one more unique pre-sold home that we will be starting in Happy Valley, with one more being turned in within the next couple weeks.  Out in Yamhill, Rowland Creek Estates we have two pre-sold homes that we are finalizing sales contracts on, which leaves us with only three more lots in this awesome development and friendly neighborhood.

We are also busy at work trying to find land for a handful of excited families right now. For those of you that are wondering if now is the time to build your home, the answer in my opinion is absolutely, YES.  With the home sales market increasing we are headed for another land shortage, which will inevitably raise lot costs that will certainly raise new home prices.  This is a blog for another time and I will absolutely look forward to explaining what I mean by this, stay tuned.

Developing Land

We have an incredible project in Aloha that we are working through Washington County with the help of our Engineers Emerio Design; it looks like these lots will be ready to build at the end of this summer.

In addition to that, there are three other projects that we are currently working through our active due diligence on.  We will know how and if we are going to move forward on these projects in the next few weeks.

In summary:

It is a very exciting time on all fronts over here.  We have hired some remarkable people to help manage construction, estimating, warranty, and bookkeeping as well as customer service. Through our organic growth we have been able to make sure that the customer experience is second to none and we are able to increase our companies workload without skipping a beat.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog.  If you or someone you know has interest in building a home, I would love to walk you through the fun journey. Contact me, Mike Harn: Cell# 503 522 5347, or by email

I will keep you all posted when we finalize the name for my wonderful new daughter.  Have an amazing and blessed day!