Will smart kitchen appliances become more common in 5 years?

It’s a common question that many homeowners ask themselves – should I opt for a smart kitchen or a traditional kitchen in my custom home? Market research has shown that the use of these smart appliances will be on the rise in custom construction in the next few years, with a projected 12% increase in the use of smart appliances in the next five years. In light of this, it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the trends and invest in a virtual reality kitchen now, rather than compete with other homeowners once the market starts heavily promoting these appliances.

Smart Kitchens – a trend that his here to stay.

Watching television is becoming less common nowadays. We are on our phones, laptops, or tablets on public transportation, on the couch, on the train, on the bus. Why not be doing something more productive? Here at Anlon,  we see a future where smart appliances will become an integral tool for cooking. There would be less gas and electricity wasted, and it will be easier to clean up.  Smart kitchens are changing the way we cook, and It is something worth considering when designing your custom home.

smart kitchen fridge with a hone app to help with shopping

See inside your fridge from anywhere, search recipes based on what you have on hand, plan weekly meals, and send cooking instructions to your smart oven

2. How Smart should your kitchen be?

The kitchen is already one of the most technologically advanced rooms in our homes; with so many gadgets and gizmos already taking up precious counter space, it’s not surprising that the “smart kitchen” has been the slowest room in the smart home to catch on.

Food isn’t the only thing made better by smart appliances. Smart refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, sinks and other appliances can monitor the energy they’re using and reduce waste. Investing in smart appliances can mean monthly savings for years. They can also alert homeowners to issues in the kitchen when they’re away from the house.

This smart faucet, by Kohler uses a touchless faucet app that allows you to use voice commands to turn this sink on and off. This faucet works with Google Home and Alexa.

3. Using smart appliances.

It is predicted that 1% of American households will have a smart oven by the end of 2022. This is a substantial increase from the current number of .5%. The most common use for a smart oven is to remotely peek into an oven without opening the door, but it also has many other uses, such as automatically cooking different meals throughout the day.

Smart ovens were designed to take the guesswork out of cooking, allowing for more time to be spent on other things. They are expected to do wonders for seniors and other people with mobility difficulties. The smart oven also uses less energy than conventional ovens, which is environmentally friendly.


photo of a smart kitchen's microwave oven with an interactive touch screen

Appliance manufacturer GE has updated its 27-inch over-the-range Kitchen Hub with a built-in microwave, an internal camera, and new smart home features.

The best news about smart appliances is that, even with all the recent advancements, things are only going to get better. The Internet of Things is growing and will become more customizable, so we’ll be able to have more control over our homes and the appliances in them.

Top 3 manufacturers that will be in the VR / smart kitchen market in 2022

1. Samsung

2. GE

3. Whirlpool

As smart appliance technology advances, so will the kitchen appliances that are created to utilize it.

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