Currently we all have the opportunity to “see” the inside of our space more often than a month ago with this quarantine. It may be a great time to make a space shift in your house to re-energize the inside of your space!

To get started you will want to do a deep clean including (dusting, opening the windows, wiping down the dust on the baseboards, wiping windows down and all the germs). Starting with a clean space allows for energy to flow freely. For more information, see our latest blog on Natural Cleaning Solutions.

Next up, choosing an object to either change out or swap places with another object. For example you could move a photo or painting in your space. The smallest of shift can make a huge impact. Maybe it’s time to take down an old photo or move it to another location for a more current photo to take its place. It’s a great time to add more photos to a wall that is bare or needs a little makeover. Another option could be moving a plant from its current room to another space. Rotating plants not only energizes your home, it can help the plant get new light andexpose your room into new life.

Adding color to a space is especially exciting to activate energy and joy. Choose a color that you like and find a few pieces or objects around your house to add to the space you frequently pass or spend time in that needs a shift. You might even have some old paint on hand and could re-paint an object or paint over an old canvas that you don’t love any more.

Obviously there are so many more options when we are able to venture intothe world and freely shop around for objects and updated items. But this is anopportunity for new life or a shift in energy with what you have on hand!

Happy Energizing!