We Love Rehabilitating Older Homes

Historic, craftsman homes are a big part of our Portland, Oregon heritage. They tell the story of our communities and the people who founded them. Historic homes also add to the celebrated livability and beauty of our Oregon neighborhoods. That’s why one of our greatest passions is to rehabilitate old homes to create beautifully comfortable, more energy efficient living spaces that fit your modern day life while retaining your home’s historic appeal and helping to preserve the character of historic neighborhoods.

There are many reasons to restore or rehabilitate your older home in Oregon. Preserving the history and ascetics of a bygone age is one; you may also be eligible for tax credits.

Rehabilitating your historic home or bungalow takes a special touch, and special knowledge. We may need to test structural integrity, test the electrical and plumbing systems, or determine whether lead based paint is present. As well, we look at the historic features of your home to determine whether original materials can be reused or need to be replaced with comparable designs.

Free Historic Home Rehabilitation or Restoration Consultation

Because the details of your old home rehabilitation are important, we invite you to call us for a free consultation at your home today. We look forward to helping you rehabilitate your historic or older home!