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Going green isn’t just about the environment. It’s about building high-performance homes that will save you money.

  • Lower your energy costs: The energy-saving features in a certified green home reduce energy consumption by at least 15% compared to a home built to code, and often reduce costs considerably more. Certified commercial buildings are also designed to exceed standard building practices and minimum code requirements in important areas such as health, materials, land and water use. Green home owners and building occupants can expect to see lower energy bills and lower water bills.
  • Lower your maintenance costs: Certified structures are tightly sealed, well framed, allow maximum air circulation, and use durable materials. This means that building and home maintenance costs over the lifetime of the structure can be greatly reduced – the building is less susceptible to moisture, rot, and mold and requires fewer replacement parts.
  • A better investment: A recent study in Portland and Seattle that compared certified home values to conventional home values showed that Portland certified homes fetched 3-5% more than conventional homes. The average existing certified home fetched a sales price of 23% more than a conventional home, even during a slow market.