Loving the Land We Live On

Before we built a single home at Wilder, we built a dog park. This might be seen as putting the cart before the horse, but not by us. The first step in creating an intentional neighborhood is to know that the sense community that exists between the people who live there is every bit as important as the physical structures that populate it.

Before we built the dog park, we maintained a forest, and acting as stewards for our natural surroundings taught us a lot. Before we came up with the idea of Wilder, we’d been putting sustainable practices to work for the land, which showed us the way to creating a community that could grow with the land.

We’ve also built a playground, a disc golf course and a nature trail through the forest that surrounds and helps to define Wilder. That forest, and the city of Newport are both symbols of why we care. The best way to live is in a balance between human society and nature, and we created Wilder to strike that balance.

To make sure that balance is respected, we constructed a bioswale that empties into the road, not into the ocean. We built our roads from permeable pavement and shaped the thoroughfares of Wilder to encourage foot and bike traffic. We also left the vast majority of the surrounding forest intact to make sure every view is a stunner.

We care about people, and we wanted to design and build a neighborhood that revolved around the needs of the community. As Wilder continues to grow, so will our commitment to the people who live there, and the forest that is their home. Visit Wilder, and see for yourself what we’re building.