Real Estate Investment

From Mortgage Broker to Title Company, your real estate investment team has many members. No single team member has more impact on your return on investment than your construction company, so it is important for you to choose the right one. Anlon’s team brings decades of experience in handling construction projects – from rehabbing properties to building custom homes and developments – for investors.

When you partner with us as your construction manager you bring in a team that understands that controlling costs directly affects your profit, and controlling schedule means that you don’t miss important sales or rental opportunities. That’s why we establish open and transparent two-way communications with you at the beginning of our relationship, and keep you informed every step of the way. Working with our long term trusted vendors, we manage all subcontractors, so you have a single point of contact – the buck stops with us.

If you are an experienced real estate developer with a full team of professionals, we’d like to become your construction company.

If you’re a newer investor, we can introduce you to the seasoned real estate professionals we work with, in addition to managing construction. Think of Anlon as a fast track to help you get started in the real estate investment business.

Anlon is actively looking for real estate investment partners. If you’re looking for a straight talking, experience builder, give us a call today.