Spring Cleaning

The sunshine is peaking into our lives more often – love that! That also means that it will be shining brightly over those dusty areas that are less seen by darker days with less daylight. Time to clean it up and let the sun shine proudly on all areas in your home!

We’ve compiled a handful of areas that may have been given less attention over the past winter that may need some extra tending to. Let’s get started – 


Collect all the bath mats, take down the shower curtain (check the label for appropriate washing cycle) get those going in the wash. Take the door mats and entry rugs outside for a good shaking (turn your head to the side so you don’t end up with dust in your eyes)! 


There are certain wipes, clothes and cleaners that will make life easier. If you are a DIY’er you might check out some of our quick tips

Gather your supplies and let’s get spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Open the windows, start some music, let’s get to work!
  2. Wash door mats, clean door rugs
  3. Wash Baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls
  4. Vacuum and wash vents & clean or swap out filters
  5. Wash window treatments (drapes, etc.)
  6. Clean out the fireplace base (call a professional to clean your chimney so it’s ready for next year)
  7. Dust blinds
  8. Dust corners of ceilings, ceiling fans, windows 
  9. Wash Windows – inside and out
  10. Wash showers/bathtub walls and floor, clean out grates 
  11. Clean mirrors 
  12. Dust and shine overhead lights – replace burnt light bulbs
  13. Dust and/or vacuum lightbulbs, light fixtures and lamp shades
  14. Dust your plants and give them a good health air quality evaluation
  15. Soak your stove grates and fan filter in water, vinegar & baking soda
  16. Pull food out of the fridge & freezer for a wipe down 
  17. Clean the carpets – you can rent one locally or invest $150 on one 
  18. Clean out the oven – wipe it down, remove the shelves and use your self-cleaner if you have that option, that will lock your oven but it can clean while you do the rest of the house
  19. Order take out and kick your feet up!

After a thourough spring-cleaning, kick back, relax and enjoy your clean space!

Make sure you vacuum/sweep underneath all of those door mat/rug areas, it is crazy the amount of treasures that collect under those mats! Keep the area available for full mopping before you put your mats back down. Next move that furniture around to get underneath to collect all the nitty-gritty. Once the vacuuming/sweeping is concluded, dusting shelves, decor, window frames, floorboards…and the list goes on. This way when you go to mop, hopefully any dust has settled it can be mopped right up. Soak greasy things that need to sit for a while (stove top/filter to your hood fan), microwave plate.