When it comes to picking out appliances for your custom home, there are literally thousands of choices to be made. While the selection process may be daunting, it is helpful to sit down with a professional who can help guide you through the process. The most important thing to consider is: what is the purpose of your kitchen? How do you and your family enjoy cooking? An appliance expert not only knows how to make your lifestyle fit within a spectrum of appliances, but they may know about functions you never even dreamed of.

In the video below, Mike Harn of Anlon Custom Homes sits down with Courtney Suskin, of Standard TV and Appliance to focus on appliances used not just inside the home, but outside as well.

We are seeing lots of trends in home appliances for 2021, and have listed our top five trends for Appliances in 2021:



Now, let’s do a deep dive into each trend:


Imagine being able to start your oven or dishwasher from your phone. It’s more than possible with today’s lines of smart appliances. Whether it’s using AI to help you become a better cook, providing entertainment while you’re laboring away in the kitchen, or helping keep your family organized and your household chores running more smoothly, smart kitchen devices can be really useful.


Induction ranges are an increasingly popular alternative to gas and electric tops, as their temperature controls make them heat up faster and respond more precisely to change. Plus, they’re often more energy-efficient than traditional electric ranges. Induction cook tops use electromagnetic energy through the cookware to heat food fast. Essentially, induction cuts out the intermediate step of heating up a burner and then transferring the heat to the pot. They are also very easy to clean and maintain, with no grates to scrub, and no need to take your range apart.


With ovens, cooking with steam is also becoming a more mainstream choice for home chefs. Convection steam ovens inspire a new level of cooking, combining both wet and dry cooking with the advantages of evenly distributed heat. While the movement of hot air ensures consistent heating and browning, steam adds moisture at the right times and in the right amounts, resulting in delicious, nutritious meals. Virtually any dish prepared in a conventional oven, range or microwave can be prepared in a convection steam oven, but the combination appliance offers the cook more control over the finished product. 

Convection-steam ovens bring you the crispiness with added moisture and let you retain the vitamins and minerals of your food while also requiring less oils and other less-healthy ingredients.


Today’s kitchen is becoming the home’s central gathering place. A haven where people not only come to make meals, but also to hang out with friends, pay bills or do homework. In other words: the kitchen has become the modern home’s hub, and unlike the family room where a TV or family computer often resides, there was no defined product today in the kitchen that’s accepted as the go-to screen for family members to share information, manage home systems, keep tabs on things and communicate with one another. Enter: the modern fridge. Today’s refridgerators now have a main family screen hub where family members can share messages and photos, keep an active calendar, and even remind you when you are low on millk. While Samsung leads the way in this arena, with 4 generations of smart fridges, other brands are following suit.



It’s no longer as simple as White or Stainless: Bronze and black continue to have a strong influence on kitchens, while copper and bronze are also making a strong showing. And color is not relegated to the kitchen. Outdoor living spaces are using color to spice up their barbecues and outdoor kitchens.

The Weber Q, now available in 6 new colors, Blue, Green, Purple, Fuchsia, Orange, and Black.


We love building custom homes and guiding each client through the process step by step. Choosing appliances can be one of the most satisfying part of building your custom home, and we love educating our clients, empowering them to make the best decision for their home.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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