For the typical Portland home buyer there are several key things that they often place as priorities when building a new home. Hardwood flooring, green building materials and quality construction tend to be some of them that are given high importance. Our experience with Portland home buyers reveals that these and other considerations are resulting in a rapidly increasing interest in bamboo flooring and I will explain some of the reasons why.

Bamboo Flooring Is Green

Often described a type of solid hardwood floor, bamboo flooring is actually manufactured using bamboo, which is a fast growing grass. In fact, bamboo grows at such a fast pace it can completely regenerate itself after harvest in as little as three to five years, making it one of the most sustainable, renewable and green flooring material available. Anyone from Portland that has an environmentally friendly mindset should be aware of just how eco-friendly bamboo flooring actually is.

This unique flooring material has a totally different manufacturing process than that of traditional tree based flooring. The harvesting process for bamboo requires a lot less energy than standard trees because each stalk grows in close proximity to one another, making harvest extremely efficient. The bamboo material is then cut into strips, compressed together and ultimately glued into large blocks, which after processing for color and design are cut into standard wood floor plank sizes. The floor planks are sanded and finished to resemble many typical hardwood flooring species, colors and surface design finishes.

Bamboo Flooring Is Extremely Durable

When it comes to quality, not too many types of flooring can make the claims that bamboo flooring can. In fact, bamboo flooring is considered to be one of the most durable wood flooring materials available. It has a hardness rating that is nearly double the durability of many other common hardwood floor species and bamboo ranks around 3,000 on the Janka scale (which measures the actual resistance of wood to denting and wear). Believe it or not, bamboo flooring can be more durable than red mahogany or even oak flooring.

But it gets even better. Here are some of the benefits and advantages bamboo flooring has that directly affects you, the Portland new home buyer.

– Bamboo is far more resistant to moisture than other hardwood flooring materials. This makes it an incredibly  good flooring option for your basement or other below grade installations.

– Bamboo flooring can also be much more resistant to mold and mildew than other hardwood flooring.

– Since it has exceptional resistance to mold and moisture, bamboo floors are also a great choice for kitchens and bathroom spaces.

– Because bamboo is incredibly hard, it is a perfect flooring material for high traffic areas of your home.

– In addition to the benefits of its hardness and resistance to scratching and damage, bamboo flooring is extremely well suited to homes with pets and children.

Bamboo Flooring Is Beautiful

Yes, bamboo floors can look very similar to a lot of the traditional wood flooring that you have seen. From pine to oak and maple to birch and mahogany, bamboo can take on many color, species and grain patterns that look just like other wood flooring materials and species. However, there is definitely a truly unique beauty that can be achieved with bamboo floors that just isn’t possible with other tree based flooring species.

Because of the unique construction, bamboo flooring can take on an exotic hardwood appearance, yet can also maintain a traditional appearance. In fact, we offer literally hundreds of colors, styles and surface designs of bamboo flooring, each with their own unique appeal.

Here are just a few examples of bamboo flooring that show its unique charm, warmth, elegance and beauty.

Is It Time To Consider Bamboo Flooring?

With all its benefits, bamboo flooring is becoming and extremely popular option for home builders. The desire to provide green building materials, unmatched quality and high-end features that address the priorities of the Portland home buyer is driving this change. When you add up the eco-friendly components, the lasting quality and durability and combine it with its unique beauty, it’s no wonder that consumers in Portland are considering bamboo flooring in record numbers.

Written by:

Tom Michaud, CEO
Simple Floors Portland