You might find yourself with an abundance of time looking around your house thinking, “now is a great time for a home project!” If that is the case or if you are
considering using some of this time to do some check ups, here is a list of things to consider doing.

1. Clean your gutters

We recommend cleaning your gutters a minimum of twice per year. Ideally, gutters should be cleaned in early fall and late fall, early winter and spring to prevent clogging. This can vary depending on where you live and how many trees you have around your home.

This is a great time to clean your gutters, but please use caution.


2. Check exterior for drainage

you don’t want water standing near the house for more than 24 hours; it can affect your foundation.

downspout leaking next to foundation

Improperly draining downspouts create  standing water saturating the soil right next to your foundation.

3. Pressure wash your driveway/patio

Power washing can make a huge difference in the look of your home, but it has other benefits as well, like removing mold build up. There are several aspects of the home that you can power wash, including your deck, fence or concrete surfaces.

4. Check smoke detectors

If you want to test a smoke detector, find the test button on the front or side of the unit. Push and hold the button for a few seconds to ensure the alarm sounds. If it doesn’t, you may need to replace the batteries or have an electrician check the wiring in the detector.

man checking smoke alarm

A smoke alarm is an inexpensive way to protect your family from smoke and fire injuries, but you must take the time to test it to ensure that it’s working properly.

5. Check range hood filters

You can use 2 Tbsp. mixed with a couple cups of hot water and let it sit for a few minutes to rinse off or use a brush to scrub off.

A range hood filter is a charcoal or metal accessory for your range hood that filters grease, dirt, and other contaminants out of the air above your cooktop. The three most common types of filters are stainless steel baffle filters, aluminum mesh filters, and charcoal filters. These filters are essential in keeping your kitchen air clean and fresh.

6. Clean kitchen sink disposal

pour vinegar in an ice cube tray and freeze it, then run it through the disposal.

Not only do vinegar ice cubes freshen the smell of your disposal and thoroughly clean out the hard-to-get-to crevices, but the ice actually sharpens the blade.

7. Repair/replace damaged window screen –

you don’t want bugs creeping in this spring and summer!

Common repairs include patching small holes, replacing screen fabric, repairing hardware or adjusting frames.

8. Inspect for roofing damage, leaks etc.

Certain types of roof damage are more frequent and can plague ordinary homes that are otherwise in good condition.

Don’t forget to open your windows for some fresh air! You might even notice some old “visitors” in the windowsills that could use some vacuuming.