Happy New Year!!!!!!!
I hope this blog finds all of you enjoying an amazing New Year!!!!!  So far 2016 has been tremendous for Anlon Construction.  We have new clients, projects moving forward and even got to take a few minutes to reflect on an amazing year. Claybourne Commons our exciting townhome project in Sellwood  (http://www.morelandtownhomes.com) has hit a milestone — the plat has recorded.  This means that we now how 20 lots, which also means we can submit building permits and that we can start to sell homes.  In a somewhat unconventional idea to host an event at Surface (http://surface-home.com) who is providing the flooring, countertops and interior design for the project for potential new buyers.  The goal of the event was to get the people who had made reservations to purchase homes at Claybourne Commons a chance to meet the team, the builder, the realtors, the interior design team and our lending partner.  I don’t get nervous all too often but the idea of all these people in one room was a little daunting.  I hadn’t yet had the privilege of meeting any of these people until this event.  It could not have gone better; the people were great, the questions were thought out and my team was right on point.  I am so happy to say that 8 days post meeting we have 14 of the 20 homes sold.   In the next few months we are excited to introduce you to more of the team, our award-winning architect Ben Waechter (http://www.benwaechter.com) along with some of our trade partners. We also have some beautiful homes that are getting ready to start.  We have a really fun custom home beginning in Sherwood, a stunning home preparing to start in Forest Grove, a large custom in Lake Oswego, three different “skinny” houses as well as a few other homes we are finalizing contracts on.  The other awesome thing about the end of the year is that we get to look back on the year.   Wow! We were blessed with some fantastic clients and dare I say we built some really classy houses.  



The biggest area of growth for us has easily been in the remodeling division of our company; we have some amazing clients that we are working with.  We are helping investors by designing and build out some amazing neighborhood improving projects.  Our transparent and system based way of managing projects and relationships is a huge benefit of forging these strong relationships. 
Our development division is working hard on a 23-lot subdivision in Happy Valley (Christilla Valley), a 15-lot subdivision in Wilsonville (Canyon Creek South) and a 6-lot project in the Multnomah Village area of Portland.  We are always looking for projects that we believe we can bring value to. I am really proud of what we are building internally and externally here at Anlon Construction, LLC.   Without a doubt, the thing professionally that I am most proud of is that Anlon Construction, LLC was able to donate more money to some of the most worthy and deserving charities in 2015 than we ever have. Our goal is to be a great partner, a great neighbor and to do all we can to give back to a community that gives so much to us. 
On a personal note, Brianna, McKenna and I are getting really excited to welcome the newest little girl into our lives in early March. So far everything is going great on that front.  Thank you so much for taking the time read this if you can think of a way we can be of help to you or someone you care about please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.