We sat down with Jane Koopman of Key Home Furnishings to talk about furniture trends she sees for Fall. Jane comes to the furniture world via Nordstrom, where she was a personal shopper and buyer. She brings her passion for fashion to the furniture world.

“We see a lot of style trends start on the runways of Paris and New York, and eventually they end up in the furniture showrooms,” says Koopman, “I consider myself a personal shopper for my furniture customers. I love finding great base furniture pieces and helping my clients work to express their personality. I’ve become friends with some of my clients, which really is the best.”




The first furniture trend Jane has noticed is color. Pantone, known for its custom color matching system, has named its annual color of the year. 2019 is officially the year of Living Coral. While not widely available in furniture stores this month, she’s sees it emerging in focal points, like pillows and accent pieces.


“I love this color: it’s the color of inspiration. I’d love to see it in a contemporary chair as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.”




Shibori Accent pillows. Photo and furniture: @BassettUS

Jane loves the shibori trend, which emerged in 2014 and is still holding it’s own in 2019. Shibori is a Japanese fabric dying technique wherein the fabric is bound, stitched, folded, twisted or compressed and dipped in dye creating a tie-dye appearance. Thus some areas are penetrated and others remain undyed, creating interesting patterns and effects. The most common color used in this technique is Indigo, but Jane recommends experimenting with color.

photo: @BassettUS

“It’s with a pattern, but without pattern. It’s a nondescript, but yet it has a texture to it. The trend in 2019 is to take the traditional blue shibori, and add color to it.”

Shibori prints and patterns go perfectly with home decor products. They give a rich traditional look to your home with the boho chic look. Shibori print pillows and bedspreads continue to be quite popular trends.




Velvet has been around for years, but its newly trendy status has added a freshness that’s impossible to ignore, and that makes it the perfect choice for a home refresh. Jane sees the velvet trend taking a hold of the northwest furniture world, but in a minimalist way.

“Again, it’s about that pop of color. You take a traditional look and add the velvet trend in a pillow. I like the idea of velvet in an earth color: think about the colors found in clay, rocks, and let that inspire you to bring the outside in.”

Bassett’s Bridgewater collection.

When asked the single most important furniture purchase, Jane suggests taking a deep dive into where you spend the most time in your home, and discover which room(s) have the most meaning to you and your family.

“I ask my clients what the most important room is for them. It’s as simple as, ‘Where do you live?’ Where do you spend the most time? What would make you feel refreshed? Once I know where my clients live, I can work with their personality to create great spaces with great furniture.”

What do you think about Jane’s picks for furniture trends in Fall? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

For more information about any of the furniture trends depicted above, contact Jane Koopman at Key Home Furnishings.