It has been a little while since I have had the time to write.  Those of you that have read a few of my blogs may remember that last time I wrote we were waiting for our lovely daughter to make her arrival.  She did do that, in her own time.  McKenna Grace Harn was born on June 12, 2014.  13 days after when the experts said she would join us.  Before she was even here she was helping me see things just a little differently.  She is now 4 months old and I am truly amazed at how fast it goes.  I know that isn’t a news flash to those of you who are first timers but for us rookies it is crazy.  How does this have similarities to what we are doing here at Anlon Construction.  (Quick diaper change break…

)  There are a lot of changes going on at our company as well.  We have brought on some new team members, closed a few homes, started a few homes, met some awesome potential clients, changed the name of a major project and won an award.

I have been very blessed in this industry to meet some amazing people who have become my mentors.  Over the last few years these mentors have proved to be invaluable.  As Anlon continues to grow I have been so blessed to learn from each of their successes and struggles.  I appreciate them more than I could possibly express.  This is one of the places my perspective has been changing, I now find myself with people coming to me asking for perspective and or advice, I can’t help but think they could be seeking out more qualified mentors but I remember one of my most powerful mentors saying almost every time we meet, “I am not sure why you keep wanting to meet but I appreciate it, I learn something every time.”  This never made sense that he didn’t find value in what he told me until now. I now see how symbiotic these relationships are.  I just hope that I can carry the torch half as well as those who helped me.

Having a child has also taught me that there is more to life than building homes. That doesn’t mean that I love building any less or that I am not constantly striving to become even better, it just means that I am looking at it all a little more holistically.  One of the most fulfilling things I have done workwise in the last 4 months is getting to name a 23 lot subdivision that we are developing ‘McKenna Terrace’ and the street is ‘SW McKenna Ave.’ She may not find it all that great yet but I think it is pretty special.

Looking at the great builders we were up against and seeing our hard work recognized is both humbling and recharging.  Brianna, McKenna and I left excited and looking forward to a few more awards in the future.

As far as what we are building we have some great things under construction and in the pipeline:
-Our largest project to day Claybourne Commons is finally nearing completion of the development phase, this one has definitely been a lesson in patience.  There are so many great things about this project in Sellwood, we just can’t wait to start building the homes.
-We have three large custom homes going right now.  Two are presold in Happy Valley and one in Lake Oswego.  All of these have been fun and educational in there own way.  We are getting to work with two interior designers that we have not worked with before; it is always fun to get new ideas.
-We are also coming to the end of two nice projects.  We have three homes left in Oregon City at Toman Heights, one that is just completed, one that is in the drywall phase and one that we are going to break ground on soon.  -Our project in Yamhill, Rowland Creek Estates only has three lots left as well.  We are in early conversations with a possible presale buyer and are finalizing budgets on a spec home as well.
-We are just getting ready to break ground on two exciting homes in Portland as well.  One that is going to try and blend in the with the Brooklyn neighborhood seamlessly and one more that will be a fun challenge in that the home is only 15 feet wide.

In the coming year we have another 23-lot development we are working through the City of Happy Valley along with a few presold homes with some great buyers and that’s just what we know about.  I am positive there will be more to this exciting adventure and blessed journey ahead.

If you or anyone you know is thinking about building a home or selling their property please pass along my contact info.  I would love to help the right people along this fun journey, or 503 522 4357

Excellence Awards3

Accepting our Excellence Award

Excellence awards

Brianna, McKenna & Mike Harn at the HBA Excellence Awards Dinner