Brand-new cabinets are so beautiful and clean! The best way to keep them looking new each and every day is to continue to tend to them with love and care. We have a few tips in which will help you keep those cabinets looking fresh, each and every day!


  1. Use the correct cleaning cloth
  2. Avoid waxes/sprays and abrasive cleaners 
  3. Avoid staining or discoloration 
  4. Use baking soda for challenging stains 
  5. Don’t forget the top of your cabinets 

Cleaning Cloths

We want to use softer cloths, ones that have been washed and used a bit so that they are softer. Using a cloth that doesn’t leave lint and fuzzes will be best for cleaning your cabinets. It is important not to use harsh things like a sponge, or rough cloths. We don’t want to damage the surface. 

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

 Using chemicals on cabinets can be damaging to the cabinet. They can strip the paint or wreck the stain. In order to protect these surfaces we want to use gentle cleaning agents, as simple as water and and 2tbsp of dish soap or water and vinegar. You can also opt for a specific wood cleaner but be sure to test it in a hidden space before using it on big spaces.  

Avoid staining or discoloration

Immediately wipe down spills, grease and water from cabinets as soon as you can to avoid damage. Being mindful to not over-scrub that could cause more damage. Limit wetness on cabinets as it can be harmful for the wood. 

Use Baking Soda when needed

Some tough spots can be cleaned up by baking soda  – test on the inside of your cabinet beforehand first. Only with a non-abrasive sponge when cleaning. 

Don’t forget the Top of your Cabinets

Little edges often get missed. We need to dust the top of the cabinets too because they collect crumbs that eventually add up and get crusty or sticky. If you have cabinets that have corners that collect things on the face of the cabinet, using a dry toothbrush help sweep away the dust and dirt, another option is a q-tip to get those tight corners.

Keeping up is better for maintaining the health of the cabinets! Another tip includes wiping those knobs and making sure they are tight so that the handles are used appropriately. Often people will start to grab the top of the drawer/cabinet when if a knob is sticky or loose.