Anlon Custom Homes was recently awarded Oregon Home Magazine’s award for best single family detached home under $1M. Proof that we can build homes for every dream and budget. This home packs in a ton of style and space into an open concept layout.

Set in a beautiful subdivision you will find a modern masterpiece, a true nod to universal design, where everything you could ask for is on one floor. All the newest technology and amenities you could imagine along with the comforts of a place you can truly relax in.


Anlon Construction President Mike Harn explains; “From the beginning this job was incredibly detail oriented. Its modern style, low -pitched roofs, and numerous custom upgrades continued to create construction science challenges. Add to that the goal of ensuring that the client got exactly what they wanted while maintaining a budget. “

Everything in this home was done exactly the way the client wanted from cabinets that were adjusted down to the 1⁄4, to the specific colors of the exterior concrete, and an entry-way awning that includes rock, stainless steel, hardy-plank and wood. 


The hall bathroom was designed as an art piece and has a beautiful floating vanity and decoration niche that can be seen from the hallway. Additions geared for multigenerational living, including a unique wand fixture to easily bathe the grandkids, and lower bath niche to keep soaps handy yet out of sight.

This tub was designed with grandkids in mind

This handheld shower is perfect for shampooing little ones.


Putting family at the forefront was key. The house needed to be built for the client, but made comfortable for everyone in a multi-generational living situation.

The tremendous backyard space includes a beautiful water feature and low maintenance turf yard with putting green. There are also two areas with heated outdoor patio space; making it ideal for entertaining year-round with and a master bedroom outdoor retreat.

“As with many custom homes, the timeline changes because we are consistently taking feedback from what the client wants. In some cases, the problems we ran into were related to Covid-19 and not being able to get products when we needed them. Some items were delayed up to 2-3 months. “

The upper cabinet pulls in this custom kitchen were delayed because of Covid-19

Anlon President Mike Harn explains;

“As always, the solution to this is consistent communication and making sure that the homeowners recognize the expectations of what we are doing as a company. Building trust between us and our clients starts during our first initial meetings, and we begin to forge this intimate relationship that allow us to talk about these challenges without fear or judgement. “


One reason this was able to happen is because of the relationships we have with our vendors and distributors. Anlon has over 30 years of experience, and has forged long-standing relationships with some of the best subcontractors on the planet.

Also, our clients were open to flexibility in products. When certain selections were not going to be available on time, we were able to pivot  and come up with a cost and time-effective solution. It really came down to the client: them having trust in us being able to get them what they want; just differently. It’s all possible because of our streamlined planning and open communication.

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