Anlon Advantage #1: Kiln dried studs: Reducing the moisture content and less twisting than green lumber.

Why does Anlon choose to use kiln dried wood as a standard in all their custom home projects? As a custom home builder, owner Mike Harn knows that people can choose all the fits and finishes to their specifications, but we want to ensure that we’re building the best possible structure behind those finishes.  That way, even after the construction is done, when the owner decides to upgrade the interior, change the color of a product or just change a cabinet, what’s behind the walls is going to be the highest level of quality.


What is Kiln Dried Wood?

Kiln-dried wood is wood that has been dried in an oven. With a kiln, you can control various elements of the environment – temperature, humidity, and steam levels. This allows you to dry the wood at the desired moisture faster than air drying.

Modern dry kilns allow tight control of airflow, temperature, and humidity so that all the timber dries uniformly and to the precise moisture content required. Kiln dried lumber can be machined to a superior finish than air-dried timber and therefore problems such as raised grain are virtually eliminated.

By removing the moisture, a board is created that is s stable, dry enough that it won’t warp or check while acclimating to its new home, but with enough moisture to ensure it is still workable.

Why is Kiln Dried Wood Better Than Green Wood?

Green wood will dry to 15% without help, but it will twist, crack, shrink, or mold, and have all sorts of internal stresses in the process. In a controlled environment, lumber can be carefully brought down to a lower moisture content and result in a fairly stable piece.

 “I want to ensure I”m building the absolute best structure I can. It’s is what’s important to me, and one of the things we do on every single house” – Mike Harn

When it comes to custom home construction, being able to choose your own materials can be incredibly beneficial to your home. By working with your Anlon Custom Homes to build your luxury home,  you can consider all your options to have the best dream home possible.
Anlon Construction has partnered with BFS – Builders First Source – out of Clackamas. We use BFS as our lumber provider so we can make sure everything is kiln-dried so we prove our clients with the best quality custom built home we can.
Next, we bring in a company called Home Certified. Their job is to come in and moisture test the house at the end of framing. This is done prior to installation, before drywall, hardwall, etc. It’s a second test we run so we can make certain the wood has dried at the rate we want, ensuring the quality of the product is perfect:

 “My goal is very simple to build the absolute best house that I can for every single client.”