Anlon Advantage: Solid Core Doors


Solid core doors are utilized as a standard in all bedroom and bathrooms to reduce noise. Here’s why we do this, and why you should consider it.

Solid Core = Stronger door 

Hollow doors are weaker and just not quite as strong, and for the amount of usage that occur with bedrooms and bathrooms, we want to get the most use and trust out of our doors as possible.

We used to do this primarily for bathrooms, but we noticed there is a need for it in other rooms due to the noise, how sounds move aka children playfully moving through the house.

Solid-core doors offer our clients an affordable quality option. Solid-wood doors would be the next level up and is a great option if the budget allows, but as our standard we start at solid-core doors. This standard keeps our client’s home sturdier and a bit quieter (but we can’t control the people in your home). 

These doors are resistant to expansion and contraction, which is helpful for weather and moisture changes. Hollow-core doors don’t offer the same weight as the solid-core door, which in turn lets more sound travel providing little sound insulation. They often feel light and can be damaged easier, which is harder to repair. You can test your doors by knocking on them and if it sounds hollow, chances are it is. 

Be sure to ask your home builder what kind of doors they use as their standard – this may be a great opportunity to upgrade your option if the plan is to have hollow core doors installed. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this choice. 


Solid wood doors are awesome and give a great resale value. They are heavy, sturdy and provide a beautiful look. This can come with an extra price tag and if you are looking to stretch your budget, using our standard solid-core doors will be a quality choice. 







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