I enjoy and even look forward to a good challenge.  Most of the time, in my world I look at is it as an asset.  Lately, I have been faced with a new kind of challenge.  Last year I realized I was a bit behind the times and a few people mentioned that I needed to get a website, so I did and the response has been awesome.  People have commented that the website makes our company look professional, organized and focused on quality to name a few.  It has however had an unanticipated affect as we continue to grow.  We are very blessed as a company to be flourishing as we wrap up 2013 and eagerly charge into 2014.

The interesting challenge has been being asked by prospective clients after going through all of the reasons that were stated earlier is, “It looks like you are really busy and that is great but are you going to have time to do our project as well?”  I answer it the same every time and that won’t ever change, “We will NEVER take on a project that we can not give 100% effort to.”  I am incredibly fortunate to have managed one of the larger production building companies around in the height of the market.  It is not my goal to get to that level of production again but what it has given us is the framework and systems to manage multiple projects in multiple locations efficiently, effectively and without losing quality as the number one focus.  It is one of the main reasons that you will hear me talk about “team,” we could not do what we do without that team-mindset.  We are blessed to have been using the majority of our subcontractors for years and they know the importance of this concept.  It is why when we make a commitment, whether it is to price, quality or schedule I can say with confidence that we will perform.

I say all this because I am so excited for our controlled growth and consider myself lucky to be asked this question.  We are thrilled to have the new members of our team, our new clients and for our prospective clients.  If you think you may be any of these people please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Mike@anlon.attome.com or 503 522 4357

I hope that you have a Happy Thanksgiving and get to enjoy some time with those you love and cherish.  Just think how great it could be in your new home J