Are you Missing the Street of Dreams?

Every year, during the month of August, the very best of the region’s house builders in Portland, OR, are selected to participate in a showcase of new unique homes to 80,000 visitors. This ‘Street of Dreams’ event is designed to display innovations in home design. 

crowd of people to see the NW Natural Street of Dreams

Large crowds gather annually for the NW Natural Street of Dreams

This year, the Street of Dreams was cancelled, and we miss it. While the Street of Dreams is hosting its own version of the Street of Dreams@Home on August 30th online, we thought it would be fun to bring to you a retrospective of homes that participated in the Street of Dreams through the years. 

Why not pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and tour some of the most spectacular homes that were built in the Street of Dreams through the years.




From 1989, we bring you the People’s Choice in the NW Natural Street of Dreams. Currently listed for $1.6Million, we think the woodwork throughout the home really stands the test of time. The Pools and outdoor living spaces are equally stunning. This home has definitely aged well.


This home has obviously been updated. So, for your viewing enjoyment, take a look at this tour through another home in the same Street of Dreams 1989




The 90’s brought all sorts of creativity. And by creativity, we mean bathroom wallpaper. Check out this video from the 1990 Street of Dreams, which was in Beaverton, OR



The new millennium brought many challenges to the Street of Dreams.


When the tech bubble burst in 2000, the effects hit the home building industry hard. The money that was made in the 90’s was lost in one fell swoop, and the Street of Dreams finds itself moving towards safer choices, because, as they say, The Show MUST go on.


This 2005 Luxury home on 6 acres was a traditional exception to that rule:


By 2009, the Street of Dreams pivoted, and reinvented itself, departing from its past as a showcase of single-family homes to a tour of glittering inner-city condo towers. 



In 2012, BC Custom Homes, with our very own Scott Bowles, constructed  The Rivendell Manor,  a magical storybook style home designed by Eric Schnell, of Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc. 


The storybook style is a whimsical nod toward Hollywood design technically called Provincial Revivalism, and embodies much of what we see in fairy-tale storybooks, stage plays and in our favorite dreams.




In 2016,  this home was completed in only six months, Joie de Vivre House (joy of living) near Lake Oswego is a testament to teamwork, long-term business partnership and collaboration. The contemporary home is a 5700 square feet, four-bedroom, four-bathroom, three level detached dwelling overlooking Mount Hood home and was designed for a couple and their two high school children. “The family’s wish list was quite basic in description, but their vision of the final home was very exciting”, explains architect Mike Barclay of Barclay Home Design. “The description of their idea was contemporary, open, airy, lots of natural light, transparent and unique.”



Which brings us to our own Street of Dreams experience. Our first Anlon Custom Home in the Street of Dreams was Hearth and Home. As our first Anlon endeavor, it is near and dear to our hearts. We are also partial to it because we won so many awards that year, including people’s choice for best in show.

Brianna and Mike Celebrate winning the most awards in the 2018 Street of Dreams

Here is some video footage from Hearth & Home:


This home was built as a spec home, with a master on the main level, and 3 additional versatile spaces that can be used as bedrooms, or whatever our future homeowner desired. It was truly designed with aging in place and multigenerational living in mind.

Oh, and we also built this amazing home in the same Street of Dreams for Suteki: